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This are the Terms and Conditions of Red Group Virtual.

1. General
1.1 Red Group Virtual is a virtual airline and hereinafter referred to as "RGV".
1.2 All RGV flights are conducted in the virtual world.
1.3 "RGV Pilots" refer to RGV members.
1.4 RGV pilots must have access to at least one of the following Flight Simulator Software: MSFS2004, FSX, Prepare3D, or X-Plane.
1.5 RGV Pilot must have internet connection for flight activity reporting to the RGV server.
1.6 RGV pilots submit their flight activity though "Pilot Report", hereinafter referred to as "Pirep".
2. Registration and Membership
2.1 RGV pilots must have a reasonable level of written and spoken English, the international language of aviation. Applicants are required to show a reasonable level of written and spoken English prior to registation acceptance.
2.2 RGV pilot applicants must sit an entrance exam before they are allowed to register. Only 1 exam per day is allowed per applicant.
2.3 RGV pilots can only have 1 (one) account. Any duplicate accounts will be deleted.
2.4 RGV pilots must register using their real identity. No nicknames or "callsign names" are permitted.
2.5 RGV pilots must register using a valid email and use that email address for communications with RGV.
2.6 Applicants must have an active and valid IVAO account when registering at RGV. RGV Pilots are however, free to fly at IVAO or VATSIM after RGV registration is completed.
2.7 By completing your registration at RGV, you agree to adhere by RGV rules and policies and their subsequent revisions for as long as you remain a member of RGV.
2.8 By completing your registration at RGV, you agree that personal information such as your RGV ID, name, IVAO ID, and your RGV flight activities be published and accessible to the public.
2.9 RGV pilots can terminate their membership by removing themselves from the pilot roster.
2.10 Pilots who have terminated their RGV membership are free to re-join again as long as their membership termination was in good faith (ie: not due to violation of RGV rules and regulation). Pilots who were terminated due to inactivity are always welcomed to join again.
2.11 Should you remove your RGV membership, you have the option to request RGV to remove all your past records from public view.
2.12 RGV does not allow members flight hour transfers from other virtual airlines.
3. Minimum VA Duty Requirement
3.1 Newly registered RGV pilots (or pilot applicant) must complete their first flight and have their pirep approved within 14 days or have their applications deleted.
3.2 RGV pilots are required to conduct at least 1 RGV flight every 90 days (1 flight per 90 days) to keep their memberships active.
3.3 RGV Pilots who are inactive for more than 90 days will have their memberships frozen. Pilots who need reactivation can contact to Crew Management Departement.
3.4 RGV pilots who are inactive for more than 360 days will be removed without notice from the pilot roster.
4. Pilot Rank & Typerating
4.1 Red Group Virtual Pilots will have rank based on :
4.1.1 Flight Hour from accepted pirep.
4.1.2 Rank Exam (only for captaincy test and instructor captain test).
4.2 To gain ranks, Pilot must fulfilled all the criterias above.
4.3 On registration, Red Group Virtual Pilot will be entitled to Pilot rating : A/B Initio
4.4 To obtain Pilot rating Pilot Trainee, minimum requirements are :
4.4.1 Having minimal 20 flighthours.
4.5 To obtain Pilot rating Junior First Officer, minimum requirements are :
4.5.1 Having minimal 100 flighthours.
4.6 To obtain Pilot rating Senior First Officer, minimum requirements are :
4.6.1 Having minimal 250 flighthours.
4.7 To obtain Pilot rating Captain, minimum requirements are :
4.7.1 Having minimal 500 flighthours.
4.7.2 Passing practical exam by instructor or chief pilot and observed by President Director or Executive Board.
4.8 To obtain Pilot rating captain instructor, minimum requirements are :
4.8.1 Having minimal 1000 flighthours
4.8.2 Pass the interview with President Director or Executive Board.
5. Flight Operations
5.1 All RGV flight pireps must be done using "RGV Smartacars" for flight activity reporting.
5.2 RGV Smartacars is the sole approved ACARS software for RGV pilot reports (pirep). Use of non-approved ACARS software will result in the pirep being deleted.
5.3 ACCELERATED TIME is NOT allowed on all RGV flights. RGV Smartacars will detect any time acceleration of your RGV flights and the pirep for the flight will be rejected.
5.4 Flights departing more than 60 minutes before scheduled departure time or arrive more than 60 minutes after scheduled arrival time will be rejected.
5.5 Correct flight plan and flight planning is required for all flights. Pireps with incorrect flight plans shall be rejected.
5.6 RGV Pilots are allowed to use other aircraft types as long as the aircraft use the same livery as their hub. By using another aircraft type, RGV Pilots must consider the length of the runway for takeoff and landing considerations to maintain flight safety and realism. PIREP's for flights with an incorrect aircraft type as described above will be rejected.
5.7 Touchdown / ground contact vertical speed limits:
5.7.1 Maximum touchdown vertical speeds are -800fpm for Malindo and Lion Air, and -700fpm for Wings Air and Batik Air.
5.7.2 Minimum touchdown vertical speeds are -10fpm.
5.7.3 Any ground contact/touchdowns exceeding these values shall have the flight pirep rejected, even if the pilot performs a go-around and land again within the vertical speed limits.
5.8 Slew is not acceptable at RGV. Any pireps showing slew mode in the flight log shall be rejected, please be careful with the "Y" utton on your keyboard during flight operations.
5.9 Pirep validation is done manually to ensure validity of the flight data reported. Pirep approval waiting times can be up to 24 hours. Any questions regarding when one's pirep can be approved shall be ignored.
5.10 RGV pilots will be assigned to company and can only bid for flights in that company.
5.11 Company change can be requested by contacting RGV Headquarters, with the following requirements:
5.11.1 Thirty (30) days active in the last company, AND
5.11.2 Pilot has flown at least 5 flights in the last company
5.12 Any unrealistic flights will have the pireps deleted.
5.13 RGV scheduled flights can be done online on IVAO or VATSIM, or offline.
5.14 RGV scheduled flights conducted online in IVAO or VATSIM must use the callsign assigned from the schedule/timetable.
6. Online Flying Activities
6.1 There is no obligation to fly using any particular online network, however we require you to have an IVAO ID when you register at RGV.
6.2 When flying online, RGV pilots must obey the rules and regulation of the online network the fly in. Any pilots violating of the rules and regulation of the online network they fly in can/will face management review or disciplinary action by RGV Headquarters.
7. VA Managements
7.1 All Staff members, Directors, President Directors and Executive Board are members that assigned in such position.
7.2 All Staff members, Directors, President Directors and Executive Boards will have the same liability to the Airline as the other members, except that they will have additional 4 hours online time per week.
7.3 All Staff members, Directors, President Directors and Executive Board is NOT allowed to use the Airline facility to fulfill any personal purpose.
7.4 To become Red group virtual Staff, a member must be at least 18 years old.
7.5 Staff Vacancy information will only be posted at the News Tab on the website.
7.6 If needed, executive or president director Virtual Airline can re-assign any Staff to other position, where the current position is more needed.
8. Communication Policy
8.1 RGV and all RGV staff will only respond to inquries using the approved communication tools (email and RGV forum).
8.2 RGV manages its official social media channels which are listed on the RGV webpage community tab.
8.3 RGV pilots are required to use polite language and proper manners when communicating with other members when flying online or using any RGV facilities including RGV social media channels. Any members failing to comply will be dismissed from the roster.
9. Legal
9.1 RGV only provide facilites for its members to conduct virtual aviation activities. RGV is not responsible for what our members do in real life.
9.2 Legal jurisdiction of RGV is Republic of Indonesia.
9.3 Whenever required RGV will cooperate with law enforcement and the judiciary as required by Indonesian Law.
9.4 RGV publishes member information as stipulated in Rule 2.8, any members objecting to this rule are requested to remove their account as per 2.9 and are encouraged to ask RGV enact Rule 2.11 on your behalf upon termination.
9.5 Updates and revisions to RGV Rules & Policy shall be communicated through the RGV approved communications tools. It is the responsibility of the member to keep himself/herself updated with the current RGV rules & policy.
I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.