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Aditya Dwi Hardianto1877:03

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Jason Mahendra Fabianto (RGV246)Senior First Officer
Jakarta -ID
Member since 04 Oct 2016
Hub: JT - Lion Air (LNI)
IVAO VID: 494812

EVT01 by CMO 02/01/2017, EVT02 by FOD 20/02/2017, EVT03 by FOD 25/04/2017, IVAO-SUP01 by FOD 15/05/2017, SFP-LUU by CMD 02/06/2017, EVT04 by CMD 05/06/2017, SFP-LKI by CMD 17/07/2017, EVT05 by CMD 28/01/2018, EVT06 by CMD 29/03/2018,EVT07 by CMD 20/10/2018, CHG-BTK by PRE 20/02/2018, EVT08 by PRE 17/02/2019, IVAO-SUP02 by PRE 18/02/2019, EVT09 by PRE 13/03/2019, EVT10 by PRE 05/04/2019, CHG-LNI by PRE 11/04/2019, EVT11 by PRE 06/05/2019, EVT12 by PRE 14/05/2019, SFP-BDO by PRE 01/07/2019, EVT13 by PRE 01/07/2019, CHG-BTK by PRE 14/07/2019, HJJ-OPS19 by PRE 02/09/2019, CHG-LNI by PRE 18/10/2019, IVAO-SUP03 by PRE 18/10/2019, EVT14 by PRE 18/10/2019 ,EVT15 by CMD 19/12/2019, IVAO-SUP04 by CMD 12/04/20, CHG-BTK by PRE 12/04/2020, SFP04 By RGV-CFO 21/02/20, RGV4th-ANNIV by DH 18/10/2020, GVIC-1 by DH 18/10/2020, SFP05 By DH 22/10/20, CHG-LNI by DH 20/12/2020

IVAO Support 4
12 Apr 2020
Given to the member who has supporting IVAO Event using Red Group Virtual System
100 Hours
05 Jan 2018
Given to Member who reach 100 Hours Flying in Red Group Virtual
Pride of Wing
16 Feb 2019
Given to Member who has reaching Commercial Pilot rating on IVAO Network
Special Flight Permitted 5
22 Oct 2020
Given to the member who flying the special flight from RGV Tour/Event
Hajj Operations 2019
02 Sep 2019
Awarded to members who have participated and finished all the bid Hajj Operations 2019 flights
Event Loyalist 5
19 Dec 2019
Given to member who has complete join RGV Event more than 10
Gold victory
17 Oct 2020
Given to member who has joined RGV event
4th  Anniversary
17 Oct 2020
Given to Member who participated 4rd Anniversary RGV

Number of flights:215 Last flight29-12-2020 10:36:08z
Hours flown:320:03 Average flight time:1:29
Total flown distance:109 253 NM Average flight distance:508 NM
Assigned flights0Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

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