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BTK7170WITT - WIHHMuhammad Yudistira Meydianto

Most Valuable Pilot
Aditya Dwi Hardianto1905:44

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Daniel Andrew (RGV226)Pilot Trainee
Jakarta -ID
Member since 12 Oct 2020
Hub: JT - Lion Air (LNI)
IVAO VID: 573159

CHG-BTK By DH 02/03/21, IVAO-SUP01 By DH 03/04/21, IVAO-SUP02 By DH 03/04/21, CHG-LNI by DH 04/04/21

Flight Operation Officer / Flight Dispatcher of LION AIR GROUP .

IVAO Support 2
03 Apr 2021
Given to the member who has supporting IVAO Event using Red Group Virtual System

Number of flights:48 Last flight27-04-2021 03:50:35z
Hours flown:57:07 Average flight time:1:11
Total flown distance:21 321 NM Average flight distance:444 NM
Assigned flights0Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

Last 50 flights: