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Group Virtual
is a Virtual Airline that simulates a real airline flight activities in Indonesia. Red Group Virtual present to hosts Indonesia desk of pilots who want to feel the thrill of flying by using the airline and flight procedures in accordance with the operation of the real Airline that simulated.

In Red Group Virtual currently there are 3 company. Among them are Batik Air (ID/BTK) that using the Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, and the Airbus 320 series, Lion Air (JT/LNI) that using aircraft the Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 series including the heavy aircraft is the Airbus 330 series, Boeing 747 series, and Wings Air (IW/WON) that using the ATR 72 Series.


The History

Red Group Virtual is a virtual airline which simulate the flights of many airlines under the auspices of Lion Group Company in the real world. Before the Red Group Virtual formed, The Old Company was a Virtual Airlines that have been simulating flights at Lion Group first.

The Old Company was formed in 2012. And after the first opening, The Old Company quickly became the second largest Virtual Airlines in Indonesia and has more than 200 active pilots that contribute to the advancement of the VA. The Old Company became one of the icons of IVAO Indonesian Division. Their route was spread all over Indonesia. The Old Company made Indonesian skies crowded. The Old Company simulate 5 airlines under the auspices of the Lion Group, such as Batik Air, Lion Air, Wings Air, Malindo and Thai Lion. With the Malindo and Thai Lion, The Old Company not only make Indonesian skies crowded but also in Southeast Asia skies. The Old Company continue to thrive until 2015.

2015 is a turning point of the triumph of the Old Company. Some internal problems began to visit The Old Company. And finally, The Old Company was forced to close the company that has managed for more than 3 years. And they also had to fired all the entire staff and crew who helped the passage of this VA.

August 2016, ex Membership Director of The Old Company, wanted to restore the glory of The Old Company that is long gone. He began collecting the best people who ever worked for The Old Company and plan to revive the company. Until he formed a new team that are, Zulfi Prima Andika and Ridwansyah Latjeno as Chief Executive Officer, Rifky Pramadya as President Director, Raihan Praditya as Membership Director, Joshua Macpal as Flight Ops Director, Firhat Satria Perwira as Resource Director, Fida Perkasa as Webmaster Director and Nadeem as Webmaster Officer Abdur Rasheed. They are all trying hard to revive the Red Lion in order to revive the sky of Indonesia.

The process of purchasing shares owned by former founders took many efforts. There were some problems in re-establishing this VA. But over time, these problems can be resolved and finally the newly formed team can buy the shares and changed their name to Red Group Virtual. But unfortunately the share purchase is still constrained by the small problem that Red Group Virtual could yet have Thai Lion and Malindo. But RGV still trying to raise all of its subsidiaries. RGV and the team will make every effort to keep this VA prevail forever.

Last but not least, me as the author of this document would like to expressed my congratulations to all of you for the download and read this document, you have become a part of a large company with the name Red Group Virtual, The New Brand of The Old Company. Fly your wings higher and make Indonesian skies great again.


Best Regards,