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Rules & Policy

This are the Terms and Conditions of Red Group Virtual.

1. Minimum Requirements
1.1 The pilot must be in possession of Flight Simulator Software (MSFS2004, FSX, Prepare3D or X-Plane)
1.2 The pilot must be registered with the IVAO network Online Organization. Proven by valid network ID.
1.3 The pilot must be over the age of 13. You may be asked to provide your real Date of Birth data upon registration.
1.4 As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to show a reasonable level of written and spoken English.
1.5 The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations.
2. Registration
2.1 Pilot can only allowed to have 1 (one) account. Any duplicated account, will be deleted.
2.2 Every pilot must sit an entrance exam before they are allowed to register, 1 day 1 exam only.
2.3 The pilot must submit their real identity. (No nicknames or callsigns are permitted)
2.4 The pilot must use a valid email address, for it is the only way The Virtual Airlines contact the pilot. It is not Airline's responsibility if Pilot can not access their registered email.
2.5 Red Group Virtual doesn't allow hours transfer from other VA.
2.6 If pilot ever removed from our rosters and re-apply, your past record of participation will be start from zero.
2.7 We do require you to register with the IVAO network ID, if you only have VATSIM network, you can’t join us.
2.8 You must have a minimum of 25 hours flight time on IVAO.
3. Minimum VA Duty Requirement
3.1 Minimum flight to be done in Red Group Virtual is once every 90 days. (1 flight per 90 days)
3.2 Pilots who are inactive after the 90 day period will be freeze and after 360 day will be removed without notice from the roster.
3.3 For new Pilot, the first flight (with approved pirep) must be completed within 14 days of your acceptance date or your pilot application will be deleted.
4. Pilot Rank & Typerating
4.1 Red Group Virtual Pilots will have rank based on :
4.1.1 Flight Hour from accepted pirep.
4.1.2 Rank Exam (only for captaincy test and instructor captain test).
4.2 To gain ranks, Pilot must fulfilled all the criterias above.
4.3 On registration, Red Group Virtual Pilot will be entitled to Pilot rating : A/B Initio
4.4 To obtain Pilot rating Pilot Trainee, minimum requirements are :
4.4.1 Having minimal 20 flighthours.
4.5 To obtain Pilot rating Junior First Officer, minimum requirements are :
4.5.1 Having minimal 100 flighthours.
4.6 To obtain Pilot rating Senior First Officer, minimum requirements are :
4.6.1 Having minimal 250 flighthours.
4.7 To obtain Pilot rating Captain, minimum requirements are :
4.7.1 Having minimal 500 flighthours.
4.7.2 Passing practical exam by instructor or chief pilot and observed by President Director or Executive Board.
4.8 To obtain Pilot rating captain instructor, minimum requirements are :
4.8.1 Having minimal 1000 flighthours
4.8.2 Pass the interview with President Director or Executive Board.
5. Flight Operation
5.1 Red Group Virtual flights must be done using RGV Smartacars.
5.2 RGV Smartacars is the only approved ACARS software. Use of non-approved ACARS software will make the PIREP deleted.
Accelerated Time is NOT allowed on all Red Group Virtual ACARS flight. Our acars is very smart, do not try to do that or your flight report will be rejected automatically
5.3 Flights with 60 minutes early and delay 60 minutes based on flight time will be rejected.
5.4 Correct flight planning is required for all flights. Flight with incorrect planning will be deleted.
5.5 The use of correct aircraft type as per schedule is a must. We are not offering any aircraft substitution policy. Pirep with wrong aircraft type will be rejected.
5.6 Maximum Touch Down Rate allowed are -800 fpm (Lion Air & Malindo), -700fpm (Wings Air & Batik Air). Any PIREP showing values larger than the allowed Touch Down Rate, will be rejected. Even you go around and touchdown again with smooth landing
5.7 Minimum Touch Down Rate allowed is -10 fpm (all company). Any PIREP showing values smaller than the allowed Minimum Touch Down Rate, will be rejected.
5.8 Slew is not acceptable on Red Group Virtual. Any pirep showing slew mode entered in the flight log will be deleted. Be careful with your Y key on the keyboard. Our acars is very smart, do not try to do that or your flight report will be rejected automatically
5.9 PIREP validation is processed manually to ensure the validity of the data reported. The waiting time can be up to 24 hours. Any question regarding when the PIREP will be approved, will be neglected.
5.10 Pilots will be assigned to typical company, where they only can bid flights from the company
5.11 Company change can be requested by contacting the RGV Headquarter, with these requirement :
5.11.2 Flown minimal 5 flights at the last company
5.11.1 30 days active on the last company, AND
5.12 Unrealistic flight will be deleted
5.13 You must online with timetable callsign on IVAO or VATSIM.
6. Online Activity
6.1 There is no formal obligation to fly using the online network, however we do require you to register with the IVAO network ID, if you only have VATSIM network, you can’t join us.
6.2 When flying at the network, we required the pilot to obey any rules and regulation released by each network. Any Network Rules and Regulation infringement, will be taken into Airline consideration.
7. VA Managements
7.1 All Staff members, Directors, President Directors and Executive Board are members that assigned in such position.
7.2 All Staff members, Directors, President Directors and Executive Boards will have the same liability to the Airline as the other members, except that they will have additional 4 hours online time per week.
7.3 All Staff members, Directors, President Directors and Executive Board is NOT allowed to use the Airline facility to fulfill any personal purpose.
7.4 To become Red group virtual Staff, a member must be at least 18 years old.
7.5 Staff Vacancy information will only be posted at the News Tab on the website.
7.6 If needed, executive or president director Virtual Airline can re-assign any Staff to other position, where the current position is more needed.
8. Communication Policy
8.1 The Airline and all of its Staffs will only response to any inquiries using the approved communication tools (Official Email and Forum)
8.2 Red group virtual only manage its official social medias as listed on the community tab.
8.3 All Members are required to use polite language and proper manner when communicating with other members.
8.4 The Airline required all its member to use the social media in proper manner. Any member who did not communicate in properly manner, will be dismissed from the roster.