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Pilot: Alvin Fahmi Baihaki (RGV153)
Flight:BTK7165 @ smartCARS
From:WMKK (Sepang)
To:WIII (Jakarta Soekarno Hatta)
Distance:688 NM
T/D rate:-152 ft/m
Fuel used:4063 kg
A/C load:151

-N0000F000 BATAR A464 SJ B469 BIDAK

Flight log:
smartCARS version, 2018/4/17 UTC
[07:35:15] Preflight started, flying on IVAO
[07:35:16] Flying Airbus A320-214 CFM Batik Air PK-LZG by Alvin Fbh
[07:43:21] Pushing back with 14111 lb of fuel
[07:43:41] Engine 2 is on
[07:44:36] Engine 1 is on
[07:46:07] Taxiing to runway
[07:49:00] Taking off
[07:49:21] Climbing, pitch: 7, roll: level, 157 kts
[07:49:29] Gear lever raised at 163 ft at 164 kts
[07:52:56] Simulator connection reestablished
[08:06:54] Cruising at 37000ft, pitch: 3, 474 kts
[09:09:15] Descending
[09:22:57] Approaching
[09:27:12] Flaps set to position 1 at 2984 ft at 211 kts
[09:28:19] Final approach, 225 kts
[09:29:16] Gear lever lowered at 1700 ft at 192 kts
[09:29:23] Flaps set to position 5 at 1606 ft at 187 kts
[09:31:27] Touched down at -152 fpm, gear lever: down, pitch: 3, roll: level, 130 kts
[09:32:14] Flaps set to position 0
[09:32:18] Landed in 6395 ft, fuel: 5498 lb, weight: 104920 lb
[09:32:18] Taxiing to gate
[09:37:42] The flight may now be ended
[09:37:42] Arrived, flight duration: 01:53
[09:38:01] Engine 2 is off
[09:38:06] Engine 1 is off