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RGV001KBFI - PHNLAditya Baharsyah Saleh
TLM8062VTSP - ZSOFAlvin Fahmi Baihaki

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Danang Pariadji1333:04

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20 Jul 2018 12:00zEducational Flight, Back to Yogyakarta!

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Ade Lukman Nulhakim (RGV904)Captain
Samarinda -ID
Member since 30 Sep 2016
Hub: ID - Batik Air (BTK)
IVAO VID: 493195

DEL-LUJ by CMD 13/12/2016, DEL-LUK by FOD 01/05/2017, DEL-WHV by CMO 09/01/2017, DEL-LUP by CMD 31/3/2017, DEL-LUQ by FOD 25/04/2017, EVT01 by WD 02/02/2017, EVT02 by FOD 25/04/2017, DEL-LUR by FOD 01/05/2017, DEL-LUS by FOD 16/05/2017, SFP-LUU by FOD 29/05/2017, DEL-LRC by CMD 03/06/2017, DEL-LUU by CMD 04/06/2017, WT01 by CMD 11/06/2017, DEL-LUT by CMD 20/06/2017, IVAO-SUP02 by CMD 26/07/2017, SFP-LKI by CMD 27/07/2017, DEL-LQJ by CMD 04/08/2017, DEL-LUV by CMD 04/08/2017, RDEL-LFH by CMD 10/08/2017, DEL-LQH by CMD 07/09/2017, CHG-BTK by CMD 05/08/2017

I'm Nothing If I Not Fly In A Day Haha :D Cheerss..

IVAO Support 2
26 Jul 2017
Given to the member who has supporting IVAO Event using Red Group Virtual System
Special Flight Permitted 2
27 Jul 2017
Given to the member who flying the special flight from RGV Tour/Event
Event Badge 2
26 Jul 2017
Given to Member who has complete join RGV Event
Pioneer Wing
27 Jul 2017
Given to Member who has reaching Private Pilot rating on IVAO Network
11 Jun 2017
Given to the member who has completed IVAO IFR World Tour
500 Hours
04 Jul 2017
Given to Member who reach 500 Hours Flying in Red Group Virtual
Re-Delivery Program
10 Aug 2017
Given to Member who has complete Re-Delivery Program at RGV
Delivery Specialist 3
07 Sep 2017
Given to Member who has complete Delivery Program at RGV more than 10

Number of flights:248 Last flight11-07-2018 03:41:03z
Hours flown:725:03 Average flight time:2:55
Total flown distance:275 434 NM Average flight distance:1 111 NM
Assigned flights0Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

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