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LNI101BVOTV - WIBBNyoman Budiarta
LNI223WAOO - WARRAntung Faisal Zulmi

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LNI915Muhammad Reyhan11 hrs ago
LNI596Muhamad Afif12.8 hrs ago
LNI557Wahyu Hadi Pratama13.5 hrs ago
BTK7271BHardi Gozali14.1 hrs ago
LNI024Muhammad Reyhan14.3 hrs ago

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Danang Pariadji1345:33

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Muhammad Ridha Sanaky13.7 hrs ago
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Bobby Dharmawan (RGV696, )RGV Staff
Jakarta -ID
Member since 13 Sep 2016
Hub: RGVC - Red Tower Balaraja
IVAO VID: 480832

Former Event Director (2016)

EVT01 by WD 02/02/2017, EVT02 by FOD 25/04/2017, DEL-LQJ by CMD 21/07/2017, IVAO-SUP01 by CMD 26/07/2017, RDEL-LFH by CMD 28/07/2017, DEL-LUV by CMD 29/07/2017, EVT03 by CMD 26/10/2017, EVT04 by CMD 29/03/2018

Beta Pilot Test
20 Sep 2016
Given to Member who helping us to test ACARS
The Red Reborn
02 Jan 2017
Given to Member who has participate at RGV Launching Event
Pioneer Wing
02 Jan 2017
Given to Member who has reaching Private Pilot rating on IVAO Network
IVAO Support
26 Jul 2017
Given to the member who has supporting IVAO Event using Red Group Virtual System
Event Badge 4
29 Mar 2018
Given to Member who has complete join RGV Event
Delivery Program 2
29 Jul 2017
Given to Member who has complete Delivery Program at RGV
Honourable Member
17 Jul 2017
Given to the member upon the great contributor or the founder of RGV
Re-Delivery Program
28 Jul 2017
Given to Member who has complete Re-Delivery Program at RGV

Number of flights:102 Last flight29-10-2018 17:24:35z
Hours flown:241:54 Average flight time:2:22
Total flown distance:92 536 NM Average flight distance:907 NM
Assigned flights4Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

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