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BTK6006YPPH - WADDDanang Budiutomo
BTK6174WARR - WAPPReza Kholifatul Ardhy
LNI723WAFF - WIIIRivaldo Ardianto
LNI767WALL - WIIIMiftah Fadli
WON1848WADD - WADLRavi Zailani

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Danang Pariadji1262:40

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Dinar Oktamarullah (RGV1881)Junior First Officer
Bandung -ID
Member since 26 Oct 2016
Hub: JT - Lion Air (LNI)
IVAO VID: 533476

EVT01 by CMO 02/01/2017, DEL-WHV by CMO 09/01/2017

Event Badge
02 Jan 2017
Given to Member who has complete join RGV Event
Delivery Program
09 Jan 2017
Given to Member who has complete Delivery Program at RGV
100 Hours
02 Apr 2017
Given to Member who reach 100 Hours Flying in Red Group Virtual

Number of flights:67 Last flight04-12-2017 10:50:34z
Hours flown:167:54 Average flight time:2:30
Total flown distance:65 504 NM Average flight distance:978 NM
Assigned flights0Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

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