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BTK6370WIII - WARRMuhamad Afif
LNI310WARR - WAOONabilla Saptaryana Martha
LNI314WARR - WAOOAulia Akbar Setyogomo
LNI554WIII - WAHHShulhan Syamsur Rijal

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Danang Pariadji1132:47

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Tubagus Hardika (RGV178)Senior First Officer
Medan -ID
Member since 07 Oct 2016
Hub: JT - Lion Air (LNI)
IVAO VID: 466308

MVP by PRE 02/03/2017

An Air Traffic Controller with his childhood dream to be a pilot.

100 Hours
20 Feb 2017
Given to Member who reach 100 Hours Flying in Red Group Virtual
Pilot of The Month
02 Mar 2017
Given to Who reach highest flight hours for each month
Pioneer Wing
14 Sep 2017
Given to Member who has reaching Private Pilot rating on IVAO Network

Number of flights:245 Last flight24-09-2017 02:24:59z
Hours flown:457:10 Average flight time:1:51
Total flown distance:155 510 NM Average flight distance:635 NM
Assigned flights0Finished assigned flights0 (0%)

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